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A portrait of my children  once a week, every week, in 2013  

Charlie:  During our visit this week to The Eden Project - the boys ground their own breakfast Oats to Porridge. 

Rufus: Decided he could cut his own hair!  The result is an interesting fringe, I am still upset about it.

Rufus' new sweatshirt, it's a Bobo Choses from The Pippa and Ike Show - another of my Summer holiday purchases.  This is also in the sale, be quick and grab a bargain!  It's totally lovely, and suits him so much - despite his silly hair!


  1. Love the look on Charlie's face, clearly having a great time! We are also familiar with the DIY small person haircuts here, too. My Matilda is a bit scissor happy. Had a go at her hair a few weeks ago and just the other day I heard the words, "Oooooh, Mummy, George and I are pretending to be at the hairdressers!" Needless to say, I RAN!
    Lovely captures. Holly.x

  2. I especially love the second pic, such eyes! :-)

  3. OMG LOU!!!!! IT WILL GROW BACK HON, BUT A MAMA'S HEART AND LITTLE BOY'S HAIR IS A TENDER SUBJECT!! apart from the shock of new fringes your pics and boys as ever are just gorgeous xxxxx

  4. I must say even though Rufus is sporting a new fringe he is still looking gorgeous! xx


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