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Advent Calendar Tutorial #advent #christmas

Christmas is so close.  The 1st is nearly upon us, soon it will be time to open the first parcel / envelope / box on the Advent Calendar... we getting super excited in this house.

Last year I made this Advent Calendar, much to the joy of the boys.  You can find the full DIY tutorial and the reason behind each item in the parcels there too.  Each item was not hugely expensive, but small, well thought out items with a big meaning.  I loved watching them open each parcel every morning, it was magic.

This year, I am thinking of something a little different, which will be a secret until the 1st.  So tell me, what do you do to celebrate the run up to Christmas?  A chocolate version or a family tradition, I'd love to know.


  1. I sometimes miss not having littlies so I could make these things. But then again my 24 year old probably would still like one! x

  2. I love this, it looks great and I am sure the boys loved it. I have been so behind with getting everything ready for our own Christmas as I have been preparing for a stall, but all will become clear on Saturday when it is all over. xoxo

  3. This is such a wonderful calendar Lou and your gifts are so thoughtful. I bet the boys loved it!
    I have been making one this year which I have been trying to get finished. I've found it quite hard to find enough little bits and bobs to put inside without spending too much though! xx

  4. Fab, I started saving goodies but don't have nearly enough for two eager boys yet! need to hurry up, love the thought of stringing them up though!

  5. This is such a great idea, shame I don't have a fireplace anymore to hang something like this, but I love the idea and the organic look. Very pretty x

  6. I've done a advent calendar out of loo rolls this year, yours looks a little more stylish than mine to honest.


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