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This weekend...

Winter #Christmas fireplace at Lou's home -

We have wood in the house!  Phew, I was getting a mild panic on, no wood in December?  SHOCK!  But we got some yesterday - so all is well with me (don't have any Christmas gifts or food in the house) but at least my fireplace looks pretty!  I will burn all this don't you worry, it's not there just for a photo opportunity. :)

Looks good no?  Excuse the messy corner - that's the boys craft area and where the poor fish live.  I can't live in a show home, this is real life!  And yes Fran I am a little obsessed about log piles.  WARMTH! 

Come Saturday night, this mantle will be changed to display the Advent Calendar (which I am still fiddling with today! - why do I set myself these tasks?).  The boys are already uber excited about it.  I shall reveal all next week.

So this weekend I / we shall be...

* Making the advent calendar (all night probably!)
* Shopping at the Made in Bristol Gift Fair
* Going to our local Christmas Market, our high street closes, and dancing to my friends band - Medicine Creek.
* Cooking and eating this
* Christmas shopping for FC (shhhhh)
* Celebrating a family members 60th - a chance to catch up with all of Dan's side of the family
* Burning some of that wood!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I think you're 'messy corner' looks lovely and homely. In fact I am trying to plan a craft space for my boys so would love to see more of it :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend ahead. Goodluck with the advents and have fun at the fair. xoxo

  3. It looks so inviting and lovely, if something I admire and appreciate is people being real and your picture reflects that beautifully. Have a happy weekend too x

  4. Your mantelpiece looks lovely, it's getting me in the mood for Christmas!

  5. The logs look ready for cosy nights & your weekend sounds wonderful! Have a sooper dooper time xx

  6. i really love your tree photo over the mantlepiece, did i say that before? x

  7. A beautiful welcoming photo. Your weekend plans sound lovely, I hope you have a really good time Lou.


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