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The Festive Season...

Image by Luisa Brimble 
Oh tis the season to be merry and light!!

December is always a busy month, days packed with adventure and magic - trying to squeeze in Christmas activities and see friends and family.  I thought it would be fun to do a little festive round up of things we are doing and what you can do too.  Some are local events, and others are global... so all can get involved.

  • Join the lantern parade.  Our local community and schools are coming together on Saturday for lantern parade through the streets.  
  • Visit Father Christmas!  Possibly the best thing about Christmas is seeing the wonder in your childs face when talking to Santa.  It's the best!  Two really good ones locally are - National Trust Tyntesfield and Sustrans Cycle Ride
  • Give to people in need.  The homeless and the vulnerable - be a caring citizen and give to someone who needs it this year.
  • Visit the Theatre.  Lots of beautiful children's christmas productions are touring the country at this time of year.  Some good ones locally are:  The Little Match Girl at the Wardrobe Theatre, Sinbad at the Tobacco Factory, The Little Mermaid at the Bristol Old Vic and Moominland Winter and the Egg, Theatre Royal, Bath.
  • Donate toys and clothes to the charity shop.
  • Go for a skate - Ice-skating is such a wonderful family event at Christmas.  We are heading to the rink by @Bristol in Bristol centre.
  • Chop down your Christmas tree.  As a family we LOVE doing this. Sadly our farm which we've visited for 10 years has now closed.  So we have found a new one, just outside Bristol.
  • Go caroling.  Not door to door, as that is annoying.  But join in with a choir on the street.  It's so uplifting.
  • Christmas shopping at a local craft market.  Every town has one nowadays.  Support your local artist.  Bristol is such a creative city and two good ones are Made in Bristol at the Colston Hall and Christmas at the Orangery
  • See the Christmas lights switch on.
  • Be aware of your neighbours who may be alone this Christmas.  A card and some mince pies will make someone's day.
  • Gather in greenery, red berries, ivy - make a beautiful centre piece or great swags over a mirror like this.
  • Take time to have a night out with your friends, indulge in spicy cocktails and really laugh loud!

Have a lovely festive season - it really is the most wonderful time of the year!


  1. Love this Lou...we're doing so many of the same things this December. We have our tickets booked to the Mooninland Winter at The Egg, so excited. And we'll be cutting holly from the garden again this year to decorated the doorways.
    So much fun to be had at Christmas :) x

  2. Hi, Love your ideas for Christmas. I am advertising myself really but I noticed you believe in supporting local crafts so thought I would mention my exhibition of local artists from Somerset and Bristol exhibiting at 75 Beach Road, Sand Bay BS22 9UP we are open on the 6th,7th and 8th Dec 11-4.
    I will understand if you remove this but it would be good to see you anyway.

  3. I loved this post and I love Xmas since I was a kid but specially now that I have my own. I'm also very grateful for being in the UK (I'm originally from Venezuela) because there's so much to do and see this time of the year, local markets are my favourites! I'm going this saturday to a local Craft Fair and I'm so exciting. I love how you support your community and area, very inspiring! x

  4. I will be doing 90% of your list over the next few weekends. I am SO excited about Christmas. I have a day ice-skating, seeing a carol concert and vintage/craft market shopping with my sister, panto with friends, and Christmas in Snowdonia to look forward to. Lovely.

  5. Hope you have a lovely December Lou.


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