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happy birthday mum

Today was my mums birthday.
Lunch at Pizza Express then all manner of vehicles around Bristol Harbour.
First was a train ride on the harbour railway - the rain hammered down, luckily the driver gave us a towel to dry the seats.
Then a trip around the harbour on a narrow boat to see the boats and sights in more detail.
I love Bristol!
Mum had a great day despite the awful but predictable Bank Holiday weather.

corners of my home - may

It's nearly the end of May.  Where has it gone... flown by.
We have been doing some changes at home this month.
The internal door has been painted a bright welcoming blue.
{happy colour}
We are painting the hall white to make it brighter.
We have replaced our old dining table with this 1950's Formica one.  Such a happy blue colour.  It suits us and fits the space better.
The boys have been prolific in their art work.
Yes.. our home has become a tranquil sea of blue and green - not a conscious decision but somehow it's happened.
Have a happy weekend, my lovelies.
Hoping for sunny days and elderflower cordial making.

may desktop

I've just made this desktop calendar for my laptop.
Please feel free to use it as your own. It is size 1024 x 681.  Just right click on the image and save as desktop.
Happy May Day.
{p.s. if you like this and would like me to do this each month, please let me know and I will put one out there!}.


I actually cannot believe it!
Really, is it really May?
We are hoping to see some May Day celebrations today... which will mean going to the villages for this as Bristol seems to have lost it's pagan roots!
Have a wonderful May... I am sooooo excited!
Yippie to Beltane, yay to cowparsley & whoop to longer and longer days!