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Decorate with flowers...

Decorate with Flowers is the brand new book by interior stylist Holly Becker (decor8) and Leslie Shewell.  I have one of Holly's design books already and find a great source of inspiration.  So when I saw that Holly had collaborated on a book about flowers I was sold!

Nature in the home - Christmas week 4...

So we are here, Week 4 of the Christmas Nature in the Home.  Time to show us your tree!  Mine is a standard Nordic Spruce tree cut down from a farm near Bristol.  We have put the tree on the sideboard ever since the boys were small (to stop them from pulling it over).  But now as they are little more responsible (!?) we could do with finding another place for it.  It is so domineering and keeps poking my eye out!

Are you ready?  I'm nearly there.  I've just iced my cake, and have a few presents to wrap.  I need to pack and load the car for our trip to my parents tomorrow afternoon.  But I can do that tomorrow.  Tonight is about enjoying wine and the fire just Dan and I.

So, this is the final Nature in the Home for this year.  Thank you so much for joining me on this linky journey.  It has been so much fun!  I will be having a little break from NITH over the winter months and will come back in Feb/March for Nature in the Home SPRING!  I do hope you can join me then.  And the beauty of this link up is that you can pop in and out whenever you feel inspired.  Please do feel free to add your images and inspiration to the pinterest board - it's yours to use.

The wreaths last week were awesome!  Such beauties... thankyou!

Merry Christmas!

Nature in the Home - Christmas week 3...

Week three!  Only one week til Christmas - eeeek!  Not at all ready.  My home looks so not ready, like its dressed in it's undies or something (half done)?!  But I will get there, in the end.

Last Sunday I organised a little gathering with some lovely bloggy friends to pop up to Bristol for a little pre-Christmas meet-up and to make something on the lines of Nature in the Home.  It was so much fun!  A few hours in the company of such inspiring and quite utterly brilliant women, it was good for the soul.

I'd arranged for us to have a little tutorial with a local florist Xanthe from Ivory Flowers, but at the last minute she got a sickness bug.  So I quickly grabbed the supplies and de-camped to Lotties beautiful home. We all chatted away, drinking cups of tea and wired in moss and greenery to our copper circle templates.  All eagerly eyeing up the billy buttons and crab apples.

What I love is. We were all given a blank template, with the same supplies to choose from. And each of our wreaths are totally unique to us.  Perhaps showing just a little of our personalities as well.

Thank you Xanthe and Lottie for helping me to make Sunday so blooming cool.  Loved it!

You can see the other wreaths and bloggers...
Lottie / Laura / Kat / Bethan / Cathy / Natalie and of course Xanthe for the inspiration.

How did you do with your wreath?  I am a little obsessed with front doors at the moment!

Nature in the Home - Christmas week 2...

#natureinthehome Christmas week 2 - garlands  littlegreenshed blog

Hi there!

Apologies for the delay on Week 2 of Christmas Nature in the Home.  I've been up against it with work deadlines.  But finally I am here - hoorah!

This weeks theme was GARLANDS.  This morning I wired together spruce off cuts from our tree, yellowing leaves from my rose in the garden, eucalyptus leaves from my neighbour, house leaks and fir cones to a branch for support.  And hung it up over the mantel piece using some bakers twine.  Using the gold bauble from my previous NITH for added twinkle.

I think it looks pretty good, considering all was foraged last minute!  It's surprising what you can lay your hands on.

I will have to re-instate the advent calendar to the mantel in minute, otherwise there will be outrage from the boys!  I am still deciding where the garland will permanently live.

So that's mine, how did you do?

Next week WREATHS! see you then.

Nature in the Home - Christmas week 1

I'm a bit annoyed this morning.  I bought some ruby red sprigs of winter Ilex from the florist especially for this post.  Arranged them beautifully, and as it's such a grey day I have candles lit, and the whole thing looks wonderful.  BUT my camera has run out of battery and I can't find the flipping charger!!! It's not where I left it (in the messy crap drawer in the Kitchen!) GRRRRR

So, here is an image of the Ilex I bought last Christmas.  Same, same but different. I do love Ilex.  The berries stay on forever.  This particular bunch lasted for over a month without the berries dropping off. Value for money, I like that.

Edit - I found the charger!  Here is the right image:

#christmas #winter - Ilex for #natureinthehome littlegreenshed blog

Anyway, enough of me ranting.  How did you?  Last week I set the task for the four weeks running up to Christmas...

Week 1 - A table centre piece (a jar of greenery, a simple sprig?)
Week 2 - Garlands, something for the wall.
Week 3 - Wreath (indoors or Outdoors)
Week 4 - The Tree!

Week 1 of Christmas Nature in the Home, home... excited!  Please # your instagrams and twitter with #natureinthehome so we can all find it.  And remember to pin your creation to the pinboard too!

Don't forget, if you have made a super cute Advent Calendar, please add it to my advent link up.

Nature in the Home - Autumn/Winter week 6...

winter flowering viburnum in a vintage bottle #christmas # winter

Week 6!  Wowzers time flies eh?
This week I visited a beautiful new shop in the seaside town of Clevedon.  Not far from Bristol.  The shop 19 Alexandra Road is a beautiful mix of vintage and handmade.  Carefully curated by the sisters Becky and Victoria Saunders.  I could have bought lots and lots of beautiful things there.  I came away with this gorgeous old apothecary bottle and the vintage bauble.

So for this weeks Nature in the Home my entry includes my new finds (I know it is a bit early for the bauble, but I love it), in the bottle are sprigs of winter flowering Viburnum.  The smell is divine.  So nice to have these delicate pink blooms in the house, makes a change from oranges, reds and yellows of Autumn.

Edit:  I've had a an idea!  How about we make a collective weekly contribution on the run up to Christmas - all making the similar thing.  There are 4 weeks (including Christmas Day) of Nature in the Home to come, so 4 weeks of making:

Week 1 - A table centre piece (a jar of greenery, a simple sprig?)
Week 2 - Garlands, something for the wall.
Week 3 - Wreath (indoors or Outdoors)
Week 4 - The Tree!

You have full artistic license on these rough themes, so it is up to you - but I thought it could be good fun, no?  As the fourth week lies on Christmas Day, I think I shall do it a couple of days early.  So the 23rd December.

Don't forget to add your entry to our group pinboard.  If you'd like to join in with the pinning please leave a comment with your Pinterest name, where I can find you.

Last week was a bumper week - a bounty of nature and some super cute ideas too!  Thank you.  How did you do this week?

See you next week!

Nature in the Home - Autumn / Winter week 5...

Film via Gardenista

Such a beautiful and simple idea. And something I cannot wait to try. I am thinking of one on my front door and another over the fireplace this Christmas.  

There are so many great tutorials and inspiration out there at the moment.  I feel there is a definitely movement in decorating homes with seasonal nature displays.  Displays can minimal, a simple bloom or branch in a vase or a full on riot of colour or swags of greenery around the door.

For more inspiration please have a look our group Pinterest Board.

What are you? Minimalist or Maximalist when it comes to your floral displays?

Last week there was such variety in contributions for Nature in the Home.  I loved Charmaine's Autumn bouquet, Penny's fabric wrapped stems, Karen's wreath and mantel display, Helen's gorgeous leaf wrapped lanterns.  In fact, I loved all the posts, thank you!

So how did we do this week?
Don't forget to tweet and Instagram your image too using the hashtag #natureinthehome.

Nature in the Home - Autumn/Winter term, week 4...

On Sunday, we took a walk around the Plantation Walk at Tyntesfield Estate.  The weather was so beautiful wasn't it? I found some greenery and Rosehips for this weeks Nature in the Home.  Once home, I set to making this little mini wreath.

What I used:
* Small embroidery hoop - approx 10cm width
* Bakers twine
* Scissors
* Green floristry wire (not shown)
* Ivy flower heads
* Rosehips
* Yew leaves (I think it is Yew, or a version of, found on the Estate).

I started by trimming all the excess leaves from the Rosehips and Ivy flowers.  Then using short lengths of wire tie in the greenery.  I like to keep the direction of the leaves to flow the same way.

Add the Rosehips and Ivy in the same way.  Add the Bakers Twine to the top.  And hang.

Perfect for Autumn and even more perfect for Christmas!  There I said it!!
Have fun!

Over to you...

Nature in the home - Autumn / Winter week 3...

Nature in the home - week 3 #natureinthehome littlegreenshed blog
Image via Old Brand New
Hi there!
Apologies for the delay in this weeks Nature in the Home.  I've been up to London for the Boden press day.  Such fun!  Will tell more about it soon.

Okay - as I've had a super busy week, I don't have an image of any nature in my own home.  But of a stunningly simple arrangement I spotted on Old Brand New blog.  A beautiful house tour of a very talented lady.

A white milk churn filled with fir branches, teamed with warming wooden and brass accessories.  And the yellow pop of colour from the billy buttons.  Gorgeous.

So how have you got on?
Looking forward to it...

Nature in the Home - Autumn week 2

Happy Wednesday!

This week, we have decorated the mantel in spooky halloween goodness.  Half term crafting to the max.  The boys have made spiders using pipe cleaners, black modelling clay and googly eyes.  Whilst I have gathered interesting squashes and pumpkins, teamed with feathers, fir cones and dahlias for an autumnal / spooky display.

I love the result - a team effort!

Nature in the Home started last week with a bang!!  Thank you, thank you so much for all your blog posts, such beautiful finds and displays.  I loved them all!  In particular Bethan's autumn wreath was so breathtakingly beautiful and simple - I can't wait to make one myself.  A day of creativity next week, once the boys are back at school.  To potter, gather supplies and get my creative juices flowing.

If you have a little DIY you'd like to share on here, and be featured for next weeks link up please email me.

Also - I have set up a pin board for us all to join in with.  If you'd like to contribute to it, please leave me a comment below saying so and I can add you to the pinboard.  It is looking beautiful - such inspiration there.

So.... what have you discovered, made, loved this week...

Nature in the Home - Autumn week 1

#natureinthehome Littlegreenshed - UK Lifestyle Blog - Autumn garland

So, here we are Week 1 of the Autumn term of Nature in the Home.  I am so excited to see what you are planning, what you have found, who is playing... I do hope someone will play! Eeek sudden attack of the nerves!

Anyway (talking to myself!), last Thursday during the teachers one day protest, we spent the afternoon in the park, gathering lots of autumn colour.  Once home, Charlie and I strung them on thread using a needle and made this simple autumn garland.

All his doing.  He loved the process.  Choosing what leaf next, and then finally where to hang it.  I did mention that it would turn into a crisp once the burner was lit, but he didn't mind.

It's very pretty, and I totally loved doing it with them.  From the running and finding the prettiest red leaf to talking through the design.  Having the boys involved made the project fun.

I am thinking of having a few DIY tutorials here each week.  Maybe with some exciting guest contributors... watch this space!

Don't forget if you are on Instagram you can join in with the hastag #natureinthehome or #nith.

And for more inspiration (if you need any) please have a look at my Botanical pinterest board.  I am thinking it might be great to have a group board.  One we can all pin our projects and inspiration to. Let me know if you think this is a good idea.

So... how did you get on?

Nature in the Home - Autumn / Winter Series...

Nature in the home is back!  Hurrah!
Oh how we've missed you.
A chance, once a week to appreciate the little wonders of nature, bring them home and enjoy them each week.  This term, we are in Autumn, a glorious time!  Plenty of nature's gifts to bring indoors.

This morning I put together this little display.  It didn't take much.  Just things from home, the garden and what I found on the walk back from School this morning.  Unripe blackberries from the wall of a derelict pub, the feather from a walk at the weekend, the cosmos flower from my front garden and the autumnal leaves from my crab apple.  Teamed with an autumnal plate, and a polaroid photograph of me as a nipper sitting in a pile of orange leaves.

A simple yet effective way to bring the season indoors, not a bunch of supermarket daffs insight!

So are you ready to join me?

This time, I would love you to all to think outside of the vase, and the bunches of tulips from the shops (yes they are cheerful, and do serve a purpose, but we can do more than that!).  Really use what is around us...

* Rosehips
* Seedheads
* Sprigs of herbs - rosemary, thyme
* Pumpkins and squashes
* Garlands of red, yellow & orange leaves - (see Decorators Notebook's photo)
* A nature table of treasures - arranged in a pretty way (see Oyster & Pearls post)
* Conkers or acorns strung up using bakers twine
* Use photos to set the mood - a touch of nostalgia

I have set up a Pinterest board with further inspiration - it's called Botanical.  Plenty of beautiful images there to wander through.

Also - another small change... the button.  If you'd like to have a button on your blog, to show you are taking part in our link up, then please feel free to grab it.

It is sized at 250px wide. Please head over here to find the code.  The old button is there too, if you prefer it.

Also - I will be instagramming my NITH each week using the hashtag #natureinthehome - so please do join me there.

So .... are you ready?
See you next Wednesday - exciting!

Nature in the Home - a Series (Week 20)...

Image via Hannapat of Cosmos and Cotton
So here we are, the final Nature in the Home in the Spring/Summer series.  And what a series it has been... such beauty has been found, homes have sparkled with vases of foraged blooms, above all I have been overwhelmed by the positive support in my little project.  It has totally blown me away!!  Thank you all so much!

So the final challenge was round... a hard one?  Thinking on this now, maybe it was a little too vague.  I do hope at least one person has found something to blog about... otherwise I shall just do a 'round' up (did you see what I did there?) of past posts.

Any way, thank you all for making my Wednesday's a highlight  and I look forward to Autumn / Spring to start all over again!  If you do wish to carry on, during my summer absence, please feel free... I would love it if I saw a post or two on bringing in Nature....  I am already groaning under the weight of Sweet Peas!

Big love 

Nature in the Home... a Series (Week 19)

Image via Sarah of Mitsenka

Well not as hard as I thought, red!  Lots and lots of strawberries (why I didn't think of this I don't know - der!).  To me, red was always going to be a dahlia, but as they are not in bloom until the end of summer I was kind of stumped.

But, you all found something red, from strawberries to rose petals, apples to poppies, my blog was a riot of colour!  I loved this image above - the red/orange of the beautiful nasturtiums, and in that turquoise vase, I just couldn't resist having it as my image of the week.

So, last week I set the challenge of SIMPLE - how did we all do?  Was it simple?  Or just a bit vague?  We shall see....

I am also thinking of having a little break for the summer - yes I know, but with work commitments and the boys school holidays not so far off, I feel that Littlegreenshed will be taking a back seat for a while.  I am going to still blog, but as the whim takes me, and not worry that I might be letting people down if I am not here for a week or so.

Saying this, I shall return to Nature in the Home at the end of August, ready for Harvest.  I can't wait to see, bountiful bowls of apples, blackberries, squashes, vases of dahlias, and other great goodness that end of summer or the beginning of spring can bring.

So for now, the final challenge in Spring series of Nature in the Home is:  Round

See you next week!


Nature in the Home - a Series (Week 17)...

Image by Polly, Nice Kind of Blue
Look at those feathers, so fluffy and pretty, I love how Polly has displayed them.  Her 2 ducks decided to shed them, so instead of throwing them away, Polly took the opportunity as a sign 'A gift' from her Ducks.  How sweet?! Love this.

Your contribution to lasts week's theme 'A Gift' were really varied, a right assortment ... Daisies picked by  happy children for their Mummy,  Fresh hens eggs, Gifts for a milestone birthday (Happy Birthday!), bountiful vegetable harvest  - oh so natural and wonderful.  Thank you for joining me.

So last week I set the challenge of 'WHITE' - pure and dreamy, can't wait to see what you have.

This weeks theme (Jane I remembered!) is - 'red'

Good Luck!

Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 16)

image by Claire from Just a little less
Sorry I'm a little late (again) with today's post, but it was such a glorious day I felt I needed to be outside and  adventuring.  I will tell you all about it soon, it involved flowers and more flowers - perfect day!.

Last week's subject was 'favourite plant' and I really loved seeing roses, dandelions, grannies bonnets, and a spiky willy (yes you Annie, lowering the tone!).  My link up looks so pretty with all the different species that you dearly love.

I chose Claire's plant for my favourite of the week, because of the light and also because indoor plants don't necessary shine at this time of year as we are all focussing on our outside blooms.  Claire also tells us to try putting our indoor plants outside at this time of year.  Go see....

I am so looking forward to seeing how 'a gift' has been interpreted for this week - any birds eggs?  Feathers?  Gifts from Mother nature herself?

next week 'white'

Nature in the Home - a Series... (Week 15)

Image by Bethan of Decorators Notebook
Hi There!
Apologies for my lateness this morning, was listening to Rufus' class read.  Gosh they are a bright bunch of kids.  Level 5 in reception - mind blowing.

Anyway, how are we all doing?  Last week's hedgerow challenge was super sweet and super hard for those outside the UK.  I hadn't realised this when I set the task.  Sorry guys!  But, you all did rise to the challenge and nailed it.

Loved:  Karen's honeysuckle and cow parsley arrangement (English countryside at its best), Claudia's Miami take on hedgerow (the colour of those leaves!!), Sarah's lichen covered branches, Bee's blue jug of buttercups & clover and Jill's bountiful displays in gorgeous vases.

Thank you all for joining in.  I'd like to mention that anyone at any time can join us.  You can dip in and out each week too, this series is open to all, from all corners of the globe.  You are most welcome.

So, this weeks challenge was 'your favourite plant' - I'm really looking forward to this.  Talking to Lottie in her garden last week, she has many roses and peonies, these are her favourites, I wonder what she'll choose?  Mine will probably be Merlin... I feel an update coming on!

Next weeks challenge:
a gift
(clue:  for a friend, for yourself, from mother nature - something unexpected)
good luck!

Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 14)

Image via Floor Number Four
Hi there!  Last weeks challenge was green.  I thought it was going to be a little tricky for you, green flowers?!  But again you have all risen to it and surpassed yourself.  It was soo hard to choose an image for the week as all entries were brilliant.

I loved how Natalie chose to show the beauty of fresh young leaves, Charmaine cheekily added cowparsely to her herbs (which is a greeny/white flower), what I adored was the greenest of all green flowers the Euphorbia, hats off to Sarah, Polly,& Claudia for their contribution.

So this week you had the challenge of hedgerow, apologies if this was a little vague, I was thinking on my feet and surrounded by gorgeous hedgerows on holiday it is what came to me at the time.  I hope you all managed to find something?

Next weeks challenge:  Your favourite plant

Have a wonderful week, see you next Wednesday!

Nature in the Home - a series... (Week 13)

Image via Lapin Blu
Hi there!
Last theme for Nature in the Home was pink - and oh you totally excelled yourself! Such a delicious variety of plants.  It was beautiful.  Thank you!

So I set the challenge two weeks ago for GREEN!

How did you all do?
Exciting. x

edit:  I forgot to let you know the challenge for next week: HEDGEROW

Also to answer Maria's query - this series will carry on and on (if you want)... I am seeing richer colours like reds and yellow in the summer, oranges and deep plum in the autumn (why not show us your harvest), and on into winter when we bring in boughs of greenery for Christmas.  Why not?  It's fun isn't it?

Nature in the Home - a series (week 12)...

Image by Lisbeth of Smilrynker
I love this image.  Blooms foraged from the garden, gently laid out on a pretty vintage plate.  It is so delicate and the colours are so vivid.

Lisbeth's blog is one of my very favourites and we have followed each others lives for many years now. She lives in Denmark in a uniquely decorated home, living a waldorf inspired gentle life with her gorgeous family.  She has such great taste and I LOVE her sense of style, her wardrobe is to die for!. In Denmark, Spring has just arrived after the snow, what a wonderful time that must be.  Pop over and see what I mean!

So - I gave a theme of Pink for this week.  I am looking forward to seeing how this has developed.  Pink is such a happy colour, it helps with depression you know?  So lay it on me... bring on the pink.

Next week - Green.... foliage and green flowers (hard one eh?!).
Good luck.