first day at school...

So that day came.
He was oh so excited and I couldn't help get caught up in his energy.
He skipped to school, madly waving at friends and announcing the world he was wearing his uniform.
He ran inside without a backward glance, playing duplo and cars with friends.
I stood that waiting for a hug or some kind of ceremonious handing over of my baby... but there was none.  So out I shuffled.  Luckily Dan was with me for moral support.  (only a few tears were shed at home).
At pickup he loudly shouted - 'Oh no!' 'I don't want to go home!' - great!  Other parents found this hilarious... what does that say about me?
Rufus then showed me the climbing frame and proceeded to show off doing stunts and hang like a sloth!
So that was that... he cannot wait to get back there again today...
My baby has grown.